Acute back pain treatment

Probably every person in the course of life he had to contend with back pain. Sudden attack of acute pain causes discomfort, painful and feelings, forcing the person to suffer. And the question arises:

pain in the back, what to do?

In such an unpleasant situation, it is necessary as soon as possible to identify the causes of the emergence of painful feelings and begin immediately to remove them. Before starting treatment, consult a doctor. Most often, how to get rid of pain and maintain the health of the spine using a special exercise program. Meet our article to learn what to do when an acute or pain, when it is necessary to seek help from a doctor, to get acquainted with effective exercise for restoring the health of the back. The causes of the occurrence of acute pain in the region of the spine is the Main cause of painful sensations in the field of back pain is a chronic disorders and degenerative processes in the disease. Chronic causes of pain: bad posture, the “curve” of the spine; weak muscles of the abdominal, diseases of various organs – pyelonephritis, osteochondrosis, radiculitis, syndrome. But in addition to chronic conditions, the feelings of pain in the back can also occur due to other circumstances. Often, a seizure of pain can be caused by a sudden movement or jerk. Muscles damaged, and communication and discs trying to protect the spine against adverse influences, they come in strong tension, then suddenly released. Such mechanical failure destabilizes the whole system and each load, for example, the common tendency to become handbags, can become the last straw and cause spasm of the muscles, stretching ligaments and misalignment of the discs. Other causes of pain: lifting weights; large physical load on the spine. What to do when acute pain in the such trouble occurs in the first place, to stop any movement, and lie on a flat surface, such as in the supine position with the muscles of the spine detachable burden and reduces the pressure.

It contributes to relaxation

of the body and reduces painful sensations. Not to worry and panic – every problem is.If you are lying on your back, and the pain passes – try to change position, lie on your side; take for yourself a situation in which not feel the pain. In situations it is necessary to seek help from a doctor? You are involved in an accident, you have suddenly numb limbs, fell and – immediately call a management of a quick help! In the event of the occurrence of the following symptoms as it is necessary to call the doctor as soon as possible: pain in the back does not pass, even if you change your attitude, appeared a weakness in his legs, he couldn’t urinate and the emptying of the bowels; sharp pain in the left side of the fuselage. Submitted by situations require urgent help of doctors. In addition, for the prevention of pain, it is worth it to consult with a specialist is necessary in these situations: the last time that you will quickly get tired of the assumption; the period of menopause in women; adherence to a strict diet; you are a vegetarian; you are more than 60 years. Acute pain in the back – attention to the presented set of exercises for the removal of painful sensations in the back. Whereas, the causes of their occurrence everyone is different, you should try all the poses and exercises to find the ones which are able to help. In exercises on hard mattress or the mat. The removal of pain – the first day.

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