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News for the back

For the latest research in the field of back pain treatment tells the blog, “Health”, on the site of The New York Times.

If you have never suffered from back pain

or you very lucky, or that it is likely that you are just still young. Up to 80% of us are struggling with back pain in certain moments of your life.
In the last 10 years the most popular the management of chronic back pain were injections — cortisone, ibuprofen, and vitamin B12. This treatment is very popular among the doctors, because such is not responsible and comprehensive, as is the operation really gives some relief from the pain for a few weeks.
But, as shown by the recent study by Dutch doctors, in the long term, the injections may not improve the position.
Does not reduce the pitons and the likelihood that the surgery, you may need to do later.
observation of two groups of individuals that suffer from back pain, have shown that the group of those who enjoyed the therapy felt no better, rather worse, than those who failed treatment. Where the Dutch doctors came to the conclusion that injections for relieving back pain recommend, it’s not worth it.
Dr. Joan from the University of Washington in Chicago says that the pain back pain in adults should not be considered as anomaly, is a natural consequence of aging. And reliable cure, to reduce this pain — a lifestyle change.

It is necessary to move more

to do special exercises, yoga, pilates, stationary bike, and acupuncture to give in the long term better results than injections of cortisone or ibuprofen.
You are the case of the amplification of painful sensations in the implementation of any of the above exercises, stop immediately, otherwise you are just problem. Lie on your stomach, your hands lead the way along the hull. You are in such a position, without getting the pain If the

pain is not gone, under the belly pillow. Put your hands behind your head and try to gently return to the side. Sails of the pan. Lie on your back, the legs had rotted to the end at the knees, soles of the feet must remain on the floor. Bend over, lift the back, and then force it on the floor. Chest should not move. knees. Starting position as in the previous exercise. knees left and right, trying to maximize the low, skip is in the floor. Each exercise is worth it to perform in several approaches to 3 times, which increases with each passing day ?? the number of repetitions to a maximum of 10 times. The second exercises prevent stiffness in the back muscles, reducing the probability of occurrence of problems with a backbone in the future, and will ensure that the muscle tone. Exercise position – lying down, slightly lifting up on his elbows. Gradually hull down, then smoothly return to the starting position. Exercise on a flat surface, raise your legs and bend your knees. Hold the position for the account of, 10, then smoothly lower the legs to the floor. Exercise position – standing, feet shoulder width apart. For the thigh on one side and the hull tilt to the opposite. Repeat 3 times. Exercise situation – similarly as in the previous exercise.