Princess hair to a lush head of hair

Princess hair to a lush head of hair

Daily normal approximately 70-100 hair vesztítünk, however, if the daily hair came out of a durable, exceeding 100 pieces, abnormal loss of hair we’re talking about. If you notice a lot of hair we found in the morning, pillows, and hair brushes are also a suspicious lot of hair get rid of us, let’s not be rest of the lost hair count. The result is either soothing may be Princess hair, if continuously for more than 100 hairs, let’s turn in time to see a dermatologist. The hair as well as nails specializes in skin cells dead end product. The biggest part of keratin (high sulphur protein) comprises, in addition, contains a large quantity of water and melanin, which is none other than the hair color of tax pigment material. The hajképző cells (matrix cells) is five times faster multiply like other cells.

Princess hair what causes hair loss

what causes hair lossTo pick it, how vivid metabolism and how intense cell division is the hair growth, against a background of, let’s do a short calculation! The average of 100 000 hairs per day to 0.4 million metres of growth in Princess hair a total of 40 meters, i.e., monthly 1200 metres drive ermelést. Already it becomes apparent that this enormous production of continuous nutrient supply and healthy body demands.

The hairs cyclic rate is increasing which during growth, transitional and resting phases alternated. Healthy people in any moment, the hairs 85-90% of growth phase. The hair loss is often due to nothing other than the phases is finely regulated balance of capsizing.What about the specialist?

The doctor in all cases to record the patient’s history, i.e., to stay informed of the patient’s well-being, in recent months, general health status and possible medicated treatments or a family history of hajhullásom cases. It’s not worth the testing at home collected, shedding fibers to arrive, because the doctor live hair will remove hair from those roots under a microscope examining it. This is called the trichogramm Princess hair procedure just, it can be concluded that the hairs how many percent is the growth phase.

90 percent of hereditary hair loss you hereditary factors are 90 percent responsible for the hair loss. At this time, androgen or hereditary hair loss (alopecia androgenetica) we are talking about. This type of hair loss especially men are affected, not infrequently 20. in some regions their, in some cases, and puberty from starting. In the background, the hair follicles are to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a hereditary hypersensitivity. The DHT in the body testosterone is called a male sex hormone from forming. As the years passed, the men most of the hair loss this type of.

Princess hair how to make more hair on your head

how to make more hair on your headIn the case of women, the androgenic hair loss is usually the menopause flu together. Men hair thinning is most often the masculine type, i.e. the forehead, two on the side of less pigmented and piheszerű hair emergence starts, Princess hair and then the top of the head continues, until finally only the tarkótájékon hajborítása remain intact. In the case of women is more characteristic of the feminine type of androgenic hair loss. In this case, the rarefaction of the scalp starts, and almost never appear in completely bald areas.

Patchy hair loss in the background of most of the time inflammation Relatively rare, the so-called patchy hair loss (alopecia areata), during which the scalp one or a few completely bald spots. This time of year in particular, it is recommended immediately to consult a doctor, because the patches of hair loss in the body, latent inflammatory source for – for example, the almond, the teeth, the ovary, or the prostate Princess hair – may refer to. These detection and therapy after a the spots a good chance of regenerating.

Less patchy hair loss in the background of autoimmune disease, in such cases, the immune responsible for the cells – which would otherwise have been the body that attack bacteria, viruses and fungi to combat carried out to your own hair follicles are attacked. It’s up to irreversible (irreversible) hair loss also can result. The disease, the exact molecular sequence of this day is unclear. Often the nails lesions may also be observed. The eyebrows and the pubic hair, but even the whole body can be affected. In most cases, the patchy hair loss 20-40 years of age, but in childhood can also occur.

Hair loss after childbirth or a lack of iron The diffuse hair loss (alopecia diffuso) symptomatic hair loss also called. Usually 3-5 months for a more severe disease after the appearance of candidates. In the case of women is more common, Princess hair formation of mostly hormone fluctuations play a role.

This may occur, for example, after childbirth for approximately two months, the contraceptive pill to take at the beginning of or the with felhagyáskor, the thyroid gland disorders in the case of iron, zinc, protein and vitamin deficiency, but increased stress and different medicines effect, and chemotherapy is applied. The hair at this time the whole head is evenly thinning.



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